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What should you expect?

Initial consultation begins with an examination method based on Oriental medicine.

The focus of the initial consultation is to learn about your physical condition. We combine interview information obtained in advance with findings from a tongue diagnosis (examination of the front and back of the tongue) and pulse diagnosis (examination of the pulse in both wrists). Additionally, we will ask about any treatments that you have received prior, and to describe the environments in which you have spent time in from the onset of illness to the present. 

Our goal is to identify a way for your body to heal as soon as possible. Through consultation, we will consider a holistic treatment method that best matches your individual needs. Treatment methods are a combination of acupuncture with LED light therapy, electrotherapy, cupping, and herbal tea.

Acupuncture needles with stone and candl

Worried about acupuncture?

Some people believe that acupuncture can be painful or scary, but acupuncture needles used for treatment are oftentimes 0.16 to 0.25 mm in diameter, or as thin as a hair strand. Additionally, a trained practitioner uses highly skilled techniques that allow the needle to pass through the skin momentarily so there is almost no pain. Many of our first time patients feel the experience is not painful and return for subsequent treatments. 

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