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Acupuncture for Menstrual disorders

Many patients come to our clinic with complaints of irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, and premenstrual syndrome. In order to treat these symptoms, the goal of treatment is to address the person’s blood flow. Improving blood circulation can also work to heal menstrual disorders. In Chinese medicine, energy, blood, and water flow through the entire body and can influence one another. Therefore, when blood flow is impaired, it can affect the body’s flow of energy and water.


As menopause approaches, blood flow can worsen and result in irregular menstrual intervals, stiff shoulders, and poor circulation. This can also deteriorate the quality of blood in the body. When the body’s blood flow worsens, the flow of energy can be disrupted and create symptoms such as irritability and depression. In addition, the poor flow of energy affects the body’s flow of water, causing swelling and stiff shoulders. Our clinic offers treatment to improve the person’s blood flow and then add treatments to improve blood quality.

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