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Fertility Acupuncture

At our clinic, we value pre-conception care and offer treatments to support and improve fertility. Pre-conception acupuncture is rooted in the idea of preparing the body before pregnancy. We offer alternative treatments for couples that have been waiting for a year or longer to have a baby. If you have not been using contraceptives for a year, are not able to get pregnant, and are thinking of starting medical treatments, then you may want to consider acupuncture. This treatment is available at any stage of fertility. Acupuncture can help those who want to naturally get pregnant, or those who are trying to conceive through IUI or IVF. 

The goal of fertility acupuncture treatments is to maximize the body's natural ability to become pregnant. Given that every person’s fertility is different, a consultation is required before recommending an individualized treatment plan.

How is infertility defined?

At our clinic, we define infertility is as the inability to conceive a child after one year without use of contraceptives.

We believe infertility can occur when there is disturbance to the autonomic nervous system. The human body has a highly developed nervous system and endocrine system, both which work to maintain health through balance. However, drastic changes in lifestyle and eating habits can make it difficult to maintain balance. If these systems break down, it can impact fertility and make it difficult to get pregnant. 

How can your clinic help with my fertility?

Our clinic offers an acupuncture fertility course that can prepare the body for easy fertilization and implantation. The goal of the treatment is to improve the body’s balance and blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, thus improving fertility.

Fertility Egg Freezing
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