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What does the Fertility Treatment Plan include?

The Fertility Acupuncture Course involves with LED light therapy, electrotherapy, and herbal tea prescribed and performed by an acupuncturist according to each person’s health and physical condition.

At our clinic, we believe the endometrial membrane is affected by softening the hardened arteries, improving blood flow, and increasing blood flow to the uterus through a fertility acupuncture treatment. We have developed a treatment plan that promotes and increases the number of ovulations.

Young woman undergoing acupuncture treat

How does LED light therapy improve fertility?

We will use a special infrared ray to warm the body to the core. This will improve blood flow in the uterus and ovaries. This is a successful method that has been studied by several academic societies in the field of reproduction.


How does electrotherapy improve fertility?

Acupuncture electrode is a low-frequency treatment device (pulse treatment device) used to apply a pulse to the acupuncture points needed to adjust the fertility condition from inside the body. It can anatomically activate the functions of the uterus and ovaries.


How does Child Treasure Herbal Tea improve fertility?

Herbal tea for infertility is used to restore the body to its original state. In other words, because external and internal factors can interfere with your body’s axis, it can become difficult to get pregnant. Our clinic’s goal is to promote effective pregnancy by using herbal tea in combination with an interview in order to determine which direction and how much the body is tilted. At our clinic, we prepare herbal tea that addresses various symptoms. For those looking to improve fertility, it is best to take the Child Treasure Herbal Tea to produce faster results.

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