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Acupuncture for students and examinees

At our clinic, we offer treatments that can benefit students and examinees. We can treat colds, lack of sleep, and improve concentration for those wanting to improve their physical strength and immunity. When the body is sluggish, concentration will naturally drop and a student’s studies will not progress. Improving physical strength will help to improve a student’s concentration and ability to study. 

Our clinic has a record of helping 80% of students to perform better. Many of these children are studying for college entrance exams. When studying for entrance exams, it is difficult to maintain concentration for a long time. Studying while taking acupuncture treatments and herbal teas that activate brain cells to improve concentration and memory can lead to higher results. 

Some students who are nervous and cannot fully demonstrate their abilities due to anxiety can also benefit from our treatment plans. Are you ready to take the exam? At our clinic, we provide acupuncture treatment and herbal tea to help you prepare for examinations and have positive reviews!

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