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What does our clinic recommend as fertility treatment?

Our clinic recommends natural pregnancy to be a couple’s first choice. However, because natural pregnancy is not always possible, couples may consider treatments such as IUI or IVF when there are abnormalities in tests. Those who can get pregnant naturally should not immediately consider IUI or IVF, but should aim for natural pregnancy.


What stage are you in?

We believe it is important to strengthen the body for a natural pregnancy. Even if you cannot clear the hurdles of natural pregnancy, you must strengthen the body to handle the challenges of IUI and IVF.

For example, it is possible to have a natural pregnancy in the 10th stage, IUI in the 8th stage, and in IVF in the 5th stage. The question then is, what stage is your body in now? People in the 1st stage will need some time to reach the 10th stage (natural pregnancy), but by the 5th stage (IVF), they may be able to reach the 10th stage faster. For those around the 4th stage, if you do your best to be a little more patient, you may be able to reach a natural pregnancy. Alternatively, there are people who are around the 8th stage and have never done IUI and IVF, but such people should be able to get pregnant naturally with a little effort.

Baby's Feet

Planning your treatment with us

Determining where your body is can be very difficult. A person in the 2nd stage may become pregnant naturally in half a year. On the contrary, a person who is in the 8th stage may find it difficult to get pregnant. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the condition of your body through a medical examination. Natural pregnancy may seem impossible with longer treatment periods. However, when you start acupuncture treatment for fertility, it will be our goal to help you get pregnant naturally. Depending on your age and physical condition, it may be better to seek IVF as soon as possible. In any case, many people aiming for a natural pregnancy should feel free to contact us to discuss a treatment plan.

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