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Fertility Case Study 1

Before Treatment

A 40-year-old female, who is 163 cm tall and weighs 142 lb was struggling with infertility. After five years of marriage, she wasn't blessed with a child, and had unsuccessfully tried fertility treatments at a fertility center. She had no particular abnormalities in hormone tests before trying IUI, and her ovarian age was appropriate for her age. Treatments and tests at the fertility clinic were harder than expected, so she talked with her husband and decided to stop by our clinic to receive The Fertility Acupuncture Course and try the Child Treasure Herbal Tea. She had a long menstrual cycle of about 40 days and would occasionally have irregular bleeding. Her legs were cold and her hips were heavy. Her basal body temperature was rather low during the high temperature period, but the ovulation date could be found. Her husband's sperm was in good condition.

After Treatment

Six months after she received our treatment and took our herbal teas, her menstrual cycle was fixed at a 28 to 30 day cycle, abnormal bleeding had subsided, and she didn't feel cold. Her blend of herbal tea was modified to supplement her feelings because she was tired from her work. At about eight months after treatment, she became pregnant and successfully gave birth to a 6.8 lb boy. She stated she felt good when she was getting her treatments, so she has continued her treatment plan to supplement her blood flow.


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Fertility Case Study 2

Before Treatment

A 38-year-old female with a slender and petite body was suffering from painful menstrual cramps due to endometriosis. Additionally, she felt a feeling of tiredness that wouldn’t go away and she didn’t have a normal appetite. Her menstrual cycle was unpredictable and her basal body temperature was almost non-existent during the high temperature period. Examinations at the fertility center found that both fallopian tubes were thin and the endometrium was thin. She was clearly lacking in blood flow and needed herbal tea to supplement her blood. This can strain the digestive system, so her first acupuncture treatments came with herbal tea to rebuild her digestive system.

After Treatment

Four months after her initial treatment, her appetite naturally increased and her fatigue was alleviated. She also gained a little weight. At this stage, the treatment plan changed to improve blood flow and begin preparing for pregnancy while addressing her endometriosis.

Six months after switching to a new treatment plan, her menstrual cramps were significantly reduced and she was pleased that she no longer needed to request time off from her work. Additionally, the menstrual cycle averaged to about 40 days, and her high temperature period began. There was a slight redness on both of her cheeks, giving a healthier complexion than she had before. Around this time, the season was winter so her herbal tea treatment was modified to warm the body and improve blood flow.

About four months later, she became pregnant. She successfully gave birth to a 6.6 lb girl.

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