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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the benefits of acupuncture treatment last?

It depends on each person’s medical history and medical condition. If the health condition is not severe, a plan of two to three visits a week may result in healing benefits after two to four weeks of treatment. If the medical history is more complex, it may take a longer period of treatments to experience healing benefits. If long-term visits are required, treatment will be performed with follow-up appointments for three months at a time.


Can I combine acupuncture treatment with Western medicine?

If you have been prescribed Western medicine or you have been using prescription medication to manage your health for many years, it can be dangerous to suddenly stop. To achieve results safely, you may be asked to begin acupuncture treatment while using your prescribed medication.


Do Herbal teas have a bad taste?

There are many types of tea blends with some having an emphasis on taste and aroma. Our clinic offers herbal teas designed to rebuild the mind and body. Therefore, we focus the herbal tea blends on the ability to give strength to the body and do not use additives for aroma or taste. We offer a 7-day prescription of herbal tea when you first begin trying our customized tea blends.

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