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    Aculeafs Acupuncture

The best way to achieve your health goal and preventative care.

Aculeafs Acupuncture with Dr. Naomi Adachi

Our clinic’s mission is to provide individualized, holistic healthcare treatments. It begins with a diagnosis based on Oriental medicine and a consultation with licensed acupuncturist Naomi Adachi. Treatment plans are designed to empower you with knowledge and guidance to select a holistic acupuncture method and herbal medicine that will best support your health goals and address your symptoms.  

We believe an essential part of healing is the individual’s motivation to find a cure. 

At Aculeafs Acupuncture, we aim to provide educational guidance so each individual can find a holistic cure. Studies have shown that chronic diseases can affect more than just your internal organs. Chronic illness can also impact your muscles, joints and nervous system. A lack of exercise, obesity, or age-related postural distortions can also result in chronic illnesses. Our clinic aims to improve your body’s strength and healing by offering holistic treatments to improve your lifestyle, resulting in less reliance on Western medicine.

We believe in the power of natural and preventative care.

An essential step to achieving lasting health is the prevention of disease or the progression of illnesses. This can be achieved by improving your physical and mental health through acupuncture treatments, Oriental medicine, and herbal teas known for offering naturally powerful preventative care. Western medicine has made great contributions to the evolution of treatments for a wide variety of diseases. However, there are still many cases where treatment is difficult, illness is incurable or problems such as drug dependence and drug overdose can occur.

At our clinic, we aim to understand the individual condition of each patient using Oriental medicine and can provide natural treatments to address health concerns holistically so you can find a cure and prevent the onset of disease.

We are here to help you find a cure if you are feeling stuck with treatment options offered by Western medicine alone. 

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